La wheat Ltd. is a family owned bakery business. We’re still a Canterbury based brand with bakeries located in Christchurch, Methven and Ashburton serving local markets from Mid Canterbury and surrounding area. This company started in early 2014s and growing as people love what they get here. Our mission is to nurture, support and serve New Zealand with our business. This company strive for quality and productivity in everything; keeping this vision in mind we execute each task with precisions and excellence.

At La Wheat Ltd we are devoted to bringing our customers freshly baked bread made from scratch using only top quality ingredients each day. In addition to that our delicious collection of sweets and mouth watering savoury products, we have got all your bakery needs covered.

Our bakery is 100% preservative free to ensure a fresh flavour experience and optimal health benefits. We believe that our unique freshness is the key to producing the highest quality truly whole grain products in today’s market place.